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Lockdown Litanies

Metro Manila was in strict lockdown when I met Mateo. At the height of a deadly pandemic none of us could’ve imagined happening in our lifetime, you drove from the south, evaded half a dozen military checkpoints, and, perhaps to some exaggeration, in a way, risked your own life, just to see me. On a normal day, I would meet the guy in the parking lot at eleven in the evening, invite him upstairs, and make out from there to

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On city skylines and boundaries

Metro Manila skyline at sunset

The sky was on fire in Antipolo the night I realized what I wanted in life. It had just turned six when you caught me staring blankly at the sunset covering the Metro Manila skyline. Still too early to be already in deep with emotion. “Enjoying your fifteen minutes of nothing?” you asked. Your face mask covered most of your face but your eyes were smiling. I met you about two years ago in a small, family-owned restaurant where you

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